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The Museums Venues

The visit to the Museums of the Opera del Duomo, MODO, begins with the Emilio Greco Museum and its twentieth-century collections, first contact with art still connected to modernity. The itinerary then continues to the other museum premises, providing the visitor with an overview of the art and history that culminates in the extraordinary vision expressed in Luca Signorelli's Cappella Nova. The cathedral is the linchpin of the itinerary, beginning and end of a cycle, from the most distant origins to the twentieth century with Emilio Greco and his bronze doors, final expression of the vitality of the Cathedral as producer and emanator of art from its beginnings to modern times.

Museo dell’Opera del Duomo di Orvieto

Opera del Duomo di Orvieto - 26, Piazza del Duomo - 05018 Orvieto Tel +39 0763 342477 - Fax: +39 0763 340336
email: info@museomodo.it

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