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Bolsena-Orvieto Special Eucharistical Jubilee 2013-2014

From 13 January 2013 until 16 November 2014

Medaglia del GiubileoPope Benedetto XVI has established two years of Special Eucharistical Jubilee in Bolsena and Orvieto in order to celebrate the 750 years from the Miracle of Bolsena (1263) and the 750th anniversary of the catholic Corpus Domini festivity, that Pope Urban IV hissued from Orvieto by the "Transiturus de hoc mundo" Papal Bull in 1264. 

The Jubilee will start in January 2013 by the opening of the Holy Doors in Orvieto and Bolsena Cathedrals and will finish in November 2014 by the closing of the same doors.

The Holy Door of the Santa Cristina Church in Bolsena will be opened on 6th of January while the Orvieto's Cathedral Holy Door will be opened on 13th of January 2013.

The Opera del Duomo participates in the Bolsena Orvieto Jubilee celebrations by making available the suggestive and special itinerary through the Cathedral dedicated to the pilgrims.

From the southern side of the Cathedral, facing the Bishop's Palace, the flow of pilgrims will be guided through to the other side, in order to enter the Duomo via the Holy Door, that is the Corporal Door, which is closest to the place representing the symbol of the Jubilee.

This silent route has been conceived as a moment of preparation and meditation, a place inside, which is also an inner place where mind and spirit are purified before accessing the light and reconciliation offered by the Cathedral. Following the Jubilee tradition and consciousness of faith, the plenary indulgence can be obtained as granted by the Pontiff for the entire duration of the extraordinary Jubilee.

The extraordinary Jubilee will be celebrated from 13 January 2013 until 16 November 2014.

For further information www.giubileobolsenaorvieto.it

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