The Museum of the Opera del Duomo of Orvieto – MODO – is one of the most precious assets of the cultural heritage of Italy, with the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Cappella Nova or of San Brizio, and its enthralling depiction of the Last Days. Beginning with the Cathedral the visitor moves through the MODO museums following the leitmotif of the history of the city of Orvieto and of its Duomo in the collections of art that the Fabbriceria (or Cathedral) has been collecting for over eight centuries. The itinerary intersects the urban fabric of the city, from Piazza del Duomo up to the millenary quarter of San Giovenale and the historical Church of Sant'Agostino

Orvieto's Eucharistical Jubilee. A special itinerary through the Cathedral dedicated to pilgrims

I sotterranei del Duomo di OrvietoThe large vaults below the transversal nave, that have been used up to now as storage areas for the many materials coming from the century-old Duomo worksite, will open to welcome the physical and spiritual pilgrimage approaching the sacred relic kept in the Corporal Chapel.

Bolsena-Orvieto Special Eucharistical Jubilee 2013-2014

Medaglia del GiubileoTwo years of Special Eucharistical Jubilee in Bolsena and Orvieto in order to celebrate the 750 years from the Miracle of Bolsena and the 750th anniversary of the catholic Corpus Domini festivity. The Opera del Duomo participates in the Bolsena Orvieto Jubilee celebrations.
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Museo dell’Opera del Duomo di Orvieto

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